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Released on the 25th of August, 1983, the Acorn Electron is an 8-bit home computer produced by Acorn Computers Ltd., formerly of Cambridge, England.


I have put together this little website to record the life and times of my own Electron (or Elk, as they are affectionately known) and the ways in which the collection has grown over the years. There's a little bit about my other retrogaming activites too!


Part of the site also covers the Electron scene of today, as this little computer is still very popular! I have mentioned some other sites and given a few details of some of the hardware and software that is still being produced today.


I hope you enjoy your time here; perhaps even rekindle enough of an old flame for you to dig that Electron out that is up in your loft in storage ;) This site is very much a work in progress and has a lot of content yet to be filled in! Please check back soon....

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"It was while leaving the branch of WH Smiths that something cream coloured and shiny caught my eye… I looked at this wonderful thing with the eyes of a child at Christmas. It was an Acorn Electron home computer, complete with three free boxed games...."



Welcome to Acorn Electron Today! (formerly myAcornElectron)


A website dedicated to everything about these charismatic 8-bit machines from 1983....

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