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Seasons Wishes, in 8-bit style, to one & all!

The Electron is a great tool for carrying forward best wishes for the Season, be it Easter, Christmas or any other.....




an Electron Easter greeting to the StarDot community!

Happy Easter Happy_8bit_Easter

Happy Easter from

The picture to the right was created on my Electron in AMX Art, then transferred across to my laptop as an .ssd floppy disk image and loaded into JSBeeb, the javascript BBC B emulator. I then captured a screenshot to get the image as you see it. I could have loaded it into any of the Electron or Beeb emulators out there, but JSBeeb is my favourite at the moment!


This way, I can design a picture on my Elk and have the end result as more than just a photograph of the CUB screen or a physical printout onto paper ;-)

Who knows, perhaps when I finally get Music 500 up and running on my Electron, I may be able to write a few festive tunes, too!