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Downloads (+ see Demozoo profile for demoscene releases)

Here are links to a few Acorn Electron games I have written recently. Unless stated overwise, the downloads are Acorn Electron .ssd images that will work either in an emulator (I recommend Elkulator) or on an actual Elk if transferred to floppy disc. If you require a physical floppy disc (DFS or ADFS) I can do this for the price of postage; just get in touch.



LATEST: NOIZE, the British IBM - QUIZ II, Happy 35th Birthday demo, GOAM, Corporation8, ZAOR!, the Favourite's Compilations, the ELKSHOW series, Space Grab, the British IBM - QUIZ NIGHT, RobCo Terminal and Magic Mushrooms Levels


The first game, TCCOTMV, was a text adventure that I wrote using The Quill in 2013. You can read all about it here.



-> Click to DOWNLOAD the Curious Case of the Missing Victorian. <-



Tea-bag Terror!


Digi Pics Collection #1

Ben playing Tea Bag Terror!

Recently I've been playing Gimpy Bomber a lot on my Android phone and it inspired me to do an Elk game in a similiar vein. in Bug-Drop, you play an alien sent to demolish the abandoned ruins of Alpha Centauri 7, but you were injured coming into orbit and you must level each city before you crash!


What Screen can you get to?



-----> Click here for DOWNLOAD of Bug - Drop! <-----


(This latest version has corrected a few bugs but still has the 'cheat' where you can keep your finger pressed on the bomb key..... mainly because *FX11 won't stop it and I haven't found another way to prevent it yet lol)


Bug - Drop


an Acorn Electron screensaver!

I often keep my Elk on for hours on end but I worry about the poor old CUB monitor getting screen burn! My solution: an Elk screensaver that I knocked up with a handy text reminder of your favourite website lol.


-----> Click here to DOWNLOAD s_saver <-----

Moge of Tossle (Mage of Tussle)


I always wanted Wizard of Wor to be ported to the Elk, but it never made it...


So here's my version of it! Well a two-player arena battle game I wrote in BASIC on my Electron that is heavily inspired by it!


Now added:


- support for one or two analogue joysticks



-----> Click here to DOWNLOAD Moge_of_Tossle <-----


If you are going to play the game in an emulator, make sure you enable the Plus 1 or the sprites will fly all over the place on their own!

MoT1 MoT2

an intro screen for Moge of Tossle

2 player battle in the arena


I have so enjoyed the learning curve of writing this game myself, completely from scratch. I dabbled in BASIC as a lad but didn't go far with it and mostly typed in other peoples Basic or Machine Code listings from the pages of Electron User.


This game is not perfect by a long chalk, but it's mine and I made it ;-)


Very large amount of hat-tipping to Wizard of Wor... Maybe I will do a full Electron version next!

the Wurryer in his design phase

Here is the intro to one of my games, 'Moge of Tossle'! Heavily influenced by the excellent arcade game 'Wizard of Wor' but the game is an arena battle for two players!

tea bag terror 2 - pegging it back from Fine Fare's


You've survived the shopping spree in Fine Fare, but now you have to collect all the tea bags that were blown away in a gale on your way home!


-----> Click to DOWNLOAD tea bag terror 2 <-----


tea bag terror 2

All the programs up to here are available on one dsd disc image, which will transfer as two sides of an actual floppy disc if sent to an Electron.


----> click to DOWNLOAD the dsd disc Compendium #1 <-----


All the programs listed here that were added up till October 2015 (upto Moge of Tossle on this page) are available on dsd disc download Compendium#1


Since doing Moge of Tossle, I have reworked the game and added corridors and a third-player option and present Moge of Tossle II ! You can follow the progression of the game and download on this sites page here.



Have a look at DARKNESS SURROUNDS.... It's a first person shooter set in the pitch dark where creatures and demons attack from the dark and you must shoot your way through. Follow the progress on the DARKNESS SURROUNDS.... page.



At the moment I'm working on Space Grab; I got the idea for the game from Fast Foof on the Atari 2600. Will post up when I have progress.

darkness_title Selection_011

You can grab the Chrimbo '15 myAcornElectron screen saver now too - keep your Elk screen festive! DOWNLOAD the ssd disc image for your Electron or emulator now ;-)

The first of my 'Digitised Pics' demo albums/discs:


This one features a few nices menus and scrollers that were type-ins back in Electron User. The pictures themselves I digitised onto the Electron using the UPURS method.


The final screen scroller runs pretty fast in emulation but is just about readable on an actual Elk ;-)



-----> Click to DOWNLOAD Demo #1 <-----

The second game, tea bag terror, I put together in 2015 based heavily on Money Maze by Roland Waddilove. Money Maze was a type-in game from issue #1.09 of Electron User magazine, June 1984.


The changes/additions I made to the original game to produce Tea-Bag Terror are as follows:


- Added a loading screen

- Wrote a new introduction/instruction screen

- Changed the sprites in the game for the main character, the collectables, the baddies and the walls of the mazes

- Changed the name of the baddies from Ghosts to Biffer and his mates 'the Bullies'.

- Changed the value of each collectable and altered the Score to Tea-bags

- Themed the game around a visit to Fine Fare's. Yep, that's right.

- Credited R.Waddilove in the outro and added a piccy of my brother and my Dad on my Elk, circa 1983.


I got permission from R.Waddilove to use his program as the basis for Tea-Bag Terror; hope you enjoy it!



-----> Click to DOWNLOAD Tea-Bag Terror. <-----



(make sure you are downloading the 'final' version; earlier ones had a bug where the tea bags didn't respawn after Level 1)