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acorn electron game tape ZAOR


the Amiga 1200 bit!

My endless doodling with AMX Art on the Electron rekindled an interest in Deluxe Paint III on the Amiga. I had never really done much experimenting with animations on it BITD, so when I got my A1200 it seemed like a perfect time to start playing about!


I've messed about with a few short animations so far; I've linked up to them here.


Whilst the animations themselves are created on my A1200, I've had to send them across the to PC in order to convert to mp4 (from IFF ANIM) and subsequently upload to my YouTube channel.



'Pain, Fade to Grey'


My friend Luis Ullán is a singer/songwriter from Spain. He is an absolute genius! I know that he loves the character 'Jack Skellington' from the works of Tim Burton and Michael McDowell, so I created a little film to put to his song 'Thelema'.


The animation was done in DPIII on the miggy, then transferred across to the PC to have the soundtrack added and for uploading to YouTube.


Eventually, I would like to be able to do the entire process on the Amiga!

'Miggy the Dragon'


Here is 'Miggy the Dragon'; a character that I made up. He has become a bit of signature for me and I use him in this sequence at the end of animations.


As time goes on, I plan to do some short more animations with him as the main character.

Miggy the Dragon

Miggy the Dragon


'Cthulhued 2015'


Not an animation I can entirely take credit for; this one was put together using stock animations from VideoTracker with a couple of my DPIII pictures thrown in.


The music is the tune 'Cthulhued 2015', which I wrote in ProTracker.

The name for the song has my friend Matthew L in mind - he and I loved Call of Cthulhu bitd and that's where I got it from!


Apologies for the quality on this one; I was being lazy and recorded it straight off the miggy onto my phone!

A friend I had back then, Wolf (aka Nick), was an absolute genius when it came to Amiga music and art... I need to practice a bit!


All the Episodes of 'Miggy the Dragon' are collected here.