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acorn electron game tape ZAOR


Despite decades of practice, I remain pretty rubbish at a lot of games lol.


Sometimes, you just have to cheat ;-)


As I come across cheats for games that I play on the Electron, I will post them up here (and if you have any, please use the Contact page to send them in).




SNAPPER ( source: Martin Reed, EU 5.05)


Cart version: switch on and wait a second then <ESC>. List the loader, delete line 40 and enter:


80 !&89=RND(0)


then RUN. You have only the red monster chasing you and if sent back to his den he will not come back out on that level! Also you can gather the points for the starting fruit simply by passing your starting position (whether the fruit is displayed or not).


If you aren't lucky enough to have the cart version, this disc version seems to have the cheat already built in ;-) download it here.







STARSHIP COMMAND (source: AEW DVD, possibly originally EU?)


Here is a disc image that I nabbed from my AEW DVD that allows you to run the hacked version of the game with some very tasy cheat options to choose from ;-)


Download the .ssd here.




Electron Cheats!