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Survival Horror comes to the Acorn Electron -



DARKNESS SURROUNDS.... is best described as a first-person shooter in a similar style of games like Operation Wolf where the player controls a crosshair on the screen.


Enemies appear onscreen from the darkness and you must shoot them with your crosshairs before they hurt you. I'm trying to create a game with a little bit of atmosphere and the over-ruling theme of darkness, at least that's my excuses for the lack of scenery :-p I'm learning as I go with the games I make and I work exclusively in BASIC so am a little restricted but I hope folks can find something fun to play amongst the things I produce.

a Happy Halloween message from myAcornElectron the same weekend...

darkness_title Acorn Electron

I've been listening to some Hallowe'en themed podcasts lately from Retro Asylum and the RGDS Podcast and it got me thinking that there aren't many (any?) horror survival type-games on our lovely Elk platform? Readers, please correct me if i'm wrong here!

early screen...

To download the current version of the game for Electron or emulator, click HERE.


As always, if running in emulation be sure to enable Plus 1.

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