the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


Acorn Electron Serial numbers


My Acorn Electron is numbered 06-ALA01-0006180.


I haven't been able to discover much on the Internet about the meanings behind the various numbers, but the general concensus seems to be that the first two digits refer to the country of manufacture (02 - Hong Kong, 06 - Malaysia, 07 - UK).The middle section refers to the hardware in question (ALA01 is the Acorn code for the Electron whilst UNB09, for example, refers to a BBC Model B). The third set of digits gives an indication of the age of the machine within these other two criteria, presumably starting at 000001 for the first machine off the line.


There is general Acorn information available online at StarDot, BeebMaster and other sites, but I would love to see something from Acorn specifically for the Electron, if any such paperwork is still in circulation?