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acorn electron game tape ZAOR


Unofficial Electron version of Wizard of Wor -


Moge of Tossle II

The game Wizard of Wor was originally an arcade game, released in 1980 by Midway and subsequently ported to a few 8-bit platforms. My experiences of the game are the Atari 2600 version and the C64 port; love these two games so much and they rank amongst my all-time favourites!


I was always a bit miffed that it never got ported to the Electron so I have resolved to do something about that myself! I had a dip of the toe in the water with the two-player arena game that I released for the Elk earlier this year; Moge of Tossle - you can download it from this site and it's just a bit of two player fun really - like all my games if you do decide to play it in emulation rather than on a real Elk make sure you enable the Plus 1 or it will behave it bit oddly!


Moge of Tossle II is an unofficial version of Wizard of Wor, from which I am making no money; hopefully I'm not offending any of the Copyright owners by doing it!


If you like you can DOWNLOAD the unfinished game to try as it stands at the moment.


REQUIRES an Electron with 64k upgrade (MRB,etc., and a Plus 1 analogue joystick (ideally the dual sticks)


So, for Moge II i'm making quite a few improvements and other changes:


- Improved collision detection so that lasers don't destroy walls and the characters can't destroy walls

- Addition of a third player!! In Moge II players can control the two Wurryers as well as a third player controlling the beasts

- Added internal walls to be closer to the original game; the first Moge was an arena but #2 will have the 'corridors'

- Player 2 (Wurryer 2) can fire as well

- Altered the Colours used by Mode 5 to reflect the original game more closely


Keep an eye of Twitter for news of Moge II...


early ideas for the maze


designing beasts for Moge 1


Original artwork for an Atart 5200 release of Wizard of Wor

Fans of Wizard of Wor will be familiar with the names of the characters and the quirky spellings; Wor for War, Worriors, etc.


For Moge, I have come up with a few names based around these ideas. The game itself is Moge of Tossle as a miss-spell of Mage of Tussle; Mage for Wizard and Tussle being another word for war or conflict. The characters are as follows:


Worriors from the original are the Wurryers in Moge and Moge II

Burwor is now Bukwuk

Garwor is now Gukwuk

Thorwor is Thukwuk

Worluk is Wukluk

Wizard of Wor is Moge


You get the idea ;-)


designing the sprites


the cast!

Acorn Electron Moge of Tossle II

3-player game play