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Interviews with Elk-minded folks!

As time goes on, I am hoping to get the chance to chat (or at least correspond!) with some folks who are, or were, involved in the world of the Acorn Electron!


As the interviews happen, I will link to them from this page. If there are any interviews that you would like to see here, please do get in touch and I will be do my best to try and make it happen!



Interview #1 - the one and only Pendragon from Electron User magazine! Not an interview at all, but a wonderful piece that Nic sent me describing his introduction to the world of the Acorn Electron and the start of his 'Adventures' column in EU!


Interview #2 - Very proud to present this interview with Aidy, front man of indy vintage computing inspired band the British IBM! Turns out Aidy is an Electron fan too...


Interview #3 - Working with the Electron since the '80s, from iconic hardware producers ACP/PRES to Retro Hardware, Dave Hitchins talk about his time with the Elk!