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Magazines and User Groups


BITD there were monthly magazines devoted solely to the humble Elk! Nowadays, sadly, they have all faded into time. There are still ways to keep up-to-date on the new things in the Electron scene - we have already spoken about forums and websites, but there are a few periodicals out there; some electronic, some physical...


Naturally, all images shown here are owned by the respective publications they represent.

Electron User Group (EUG)


EUG ran regularly from 1991 to 2002 and picked up the ball from Electron User, when that publication ceased. EUG had a disc-based magazine that featured everything that was happening in the Electron world, as well as bundled Public Domain demos, games and utilities.


The magazine is still released on an ad-hoc basis.


opener for EUG #50

Jogos 80 (Games 80)


Jogos 80 is regular magazine produced in PDF format, available for download freely from the Jogos 80 website. The authorship in Brazil, so naturally the magazine is in Portuguese, but the content is devoted to classic computing and retrogaming and is exceptionally professional in delivery. Whilst not solely about the Electron, 8-bit machines feature regularly.


One of the Jogos 80 team is working on a documentary "1983: The Year of Videogames in Brazil" which details the arrival of the video games industry in Brazil.


Jogos 80, Issue 14 cover art

Retro Gamer


A British commercially produced magazine, now worldwide, launched in 2004. The magazine is monthly and covers everything to do with the retrogaming scene of today, so the Elk does get the odd mention!


Retro Gamer #53 cover art

the Retro Asylum podcast


The UK's No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast show!


Retro Asylum is a podcast that is hosted by a regular crew of retromaniacs! The show covers everything around retrogaming and does include Elk content.


The Elk adventure game, The Curious Case of the Missing Victorian, that I wrote back in 2013 even gets a mention in Episode 60 of the podcast.


Retro Asylum podcast, ep 60