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Magic Mushrooms by Acornsoft

The game Magic Mushrooms by Acornsoft is an absolute classic and a lot of fun to play; easy in parts and punishingly difficult in others!


Built into the game is a level editor so since I had a bit of spare time today and I have been listening to loads of the RGDS podcast lately, I decided to do an RGDS level!


I called the level Andy gets fright!! and had a lot of fun making it. I did all this on my actual Electron, but I have included the level for download here, so that you can bung it into the game in your favourite Electron emulator and have a go...


Download the tape images of the RGDS level and Magic Mushrooms (together in a zip file)


Link to a download for Elkulator v1.0


the RGDS level in Magic Mushrooms


Just in case you're new to emulation, here's a quick step-by-step guide to getting it up and running:


1a. Go here to download the Elkulator emulator.

1b. Download the Magic Mushrooms game and my RGDS level and unzip them.

2. Install the emulator and run it.

3. In Elkulator choose <Tape> then <Load Tape...> click on the Magic Mushrooms UEF click <open>

4. In Elkulator, type CHAIN"" and hit <return>

5a. Once the game has loaded, choose <Tape> then <Load Tape...> from the menu at the top and click on the RGDS uef then click <open>

5b. back on the game screen, press <L> to load a new level and enter the name RGDS

6. it should load up and you just need to press <SPACE> to play!


Fancy yourself as a whizz on this level? Use the form to send in your level complete time!

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