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acorn electron game tape ZAOR



Known Acornsoft game badges


Large badges  


Snapper ("i'm a happy snapper")

Monsters ("i dig monsters")

Monsters [red monster] ("some of my best friends are monsters")

Arcadians [Alien picture] (no text)

Starship Command ("i'm a starship commander")

Rocket Raid [Rocket picture] (no text)

[Meanie] ("I'm the meanest Meanie")

JCB Digger [a JCB digger] ("I dig Meanies")




If you know of any other Acornsoft badges that I have missed, please get in touch!

Electron Memorabilia from BITD!

There is much Acorn memorabilia from the Electron-era that still survives today!






A good example of this are the badges that were produced as promotional items by Acornsoft, for their various titles.


The badge on the end was a promotional one for the BBC Micro; do we know if any exist for the Electron too?


Do you have any photographs of your Acorn memorabilia that you would let me post up here?


If so, please get in touch on the Contact page or through the Facebook page.


Naturally, the Copyright and ownership of these photographs remains with the individuals that kindly allowed me to display them here.


these two photographs kindly provided by Michael Sadler of his Acorn badges

beeb leaflet

Of course, memorabilia of today can be yesterdays promotional material of all kinds; this leaflet was one that advertises the new Acorn Electron in all its' wonder and glory! When I can, I will scan the pages of this leaflet in properly.

Electron promo leaflet

A selection of pin badges that I use today!


These pins belong to Dave the Drummer; one was given to him by the head of Acorn at one of the shows!

Small badges


Maze ("join the maze craze")

Labyrinth ("get lost!")

Aviator ("some of my best friends are aviators")

Firebug? ("i'm a fire fighting fred")

Q'Bert ("watch it! i'm a bouncer!")

Magic Mushrooms ("mines the meanesr mushroom screen)

[Meanie] ("I'm the meanest Meanie")

cameron1 cameron2 cameron3

Cameron Bell kindly provided these photographs of his collection; I'm intrigued by the top badge in the middle photograph as it is in a different style to the other Acornsoft ones I have seen. Can anyone shed any light on it?

Other promotional badges



As you can see from the various photographs on this page, there were many other promotional badges produced by some of the companies associated with Acorn and their products, as well as Acorn Computers Ltd., themselves. Here are some more examples (kindly provided by Bill Carr, who also provided great help with the list of Acornsoft badges, too.)


FOR GET the rest REM BBC is best     ] The BBC Microcomputer

FOR a professional micro GOTO the BBC    ] System



Think Big Start Compact


Repton 3 (Big)

Repton (Tiny)

HACKER (Small)






You can see the badges in Bill's collection in some of the photographs on this page.


The incredible badge collection of Bill Carr, who has kindly sent in these five photographs!


Click on each photograph to see a larger image.


It's a website about the Elk, but why not show off the spendler of the Beeb too! This one belongs to Michael Sadler.

One of our boys recently got me this nice Acorn pen; I'm not sure of the vintage but certainly pre-'95 as the Cambridge telephone Area Code doesn't include the '1'

Pen1 Pen2 13701090_1171527549585657_6342356932387741153_o

Here is a collection of badges from Acorn-nut Dave Moore!

(Click to enlarge)