the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


the 3-button mouse


Mouse control is via the User Port to control certain compatible programs, for example the Electron version of AMX Art, shown in the image below.


Electron mice are typically 3-buttoned, with the function of each button defaulting to Execute, Menu and Cancel, from left to right. That said, it is possible for these functions to be reassigned to other functions, depending on the software being used.


To use a mouse through the user port you will also require a mouse driver ROM specifically for the Electron, such as the one that came with the PRES/AMX Art package. Again, I had a tremendous amount of help from StarDot in the finding and tweaking of a ROM image that worked in my Elk setup.


An analogue joystick that connects to the Analogue Port of my Plus 1. I also have a Slogger Joystick interface that allows connection of a switched, Atari-style joystick to my setup.

Voltmace Analogue joystick

the Electron version of the mouse-driven AMX Art


Here I drew a bit of the cover of Cops n' Robbers on AMX Art

If you're into Electron Art, please consider having a look at my ELKSHOW releases, catalogued on Demozoo. They are released on free floppy discs - just cover postage and one is yours ;-) If you want one, get in touch.

board board2 board3

Since creating this page, my quadrature 3-button mouse has finally given up the ghost. To be fair it is used every single day to create artwork in AMX, so I think it has done well.


After some investigation, I plumped for this smallymouse2 interface from eBay, which allows a USB mouse to be connected to the old 20-way connector on the User Port. Works an absolute dream!


This allows me to continue with Electron demoscene and Artivist #ArtforTruth releases.

SmallyMouse2 USB interface