the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


Pace Nightingale Modem


Connects to my system via a Pace Micro Technology RS423 Communications Cartridge, allowing my Electron to dialup and connect to Bulletin Board Services via the telephone line. I'd like to find an Auto Answer board for this modem if I can.

Pace Micro Technology

RS423 Communications Cartridge

My search for an RS423 interface for my Electron has been a long one! Despite the fact that several companies produced these interfaces, not many seem to be in circulation today.


The Pace interface that I use contains the Commstar 1140 (Version E1.12) ROM that gives the user an excellent software comms package to talk to other machines over the telephone line.


A major use for these devices BITD was connecting to Bulletin Board Services; very few of these exist today - most accept only connections over Telnet now - but there are two remaining in the UK that still accept dial in connections:


Nostromo BBS on 01582 600882

and Arcade BBS on 020 8654 2212


Pace Commstar on the Acorn Electron

One of my projects is to host a dial in BBS on my Electron; a few of these did exist BITD but the Elk needed a bit of beefing up first - you need the 64k that comes with MRB, two floppy drives and ideally a way of entering Mode 7 on your Elk. I have all of these hardware addons now, but I am still lacking the BBS software itself. The quest continues!