the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


Acorn Electron computers, far & wide!

Here are a few other Elks that I have come across in my travels.....



May I introduce you all to 07-ALA01-0022107, 07-ALA01-0108002 & 04-ALA11-1014757


....Acorn Electrons belonging to Rob Stradling who all seem to be enjoying a gathering with 06-ALA01-0006180 through Twitter!


This photograph was put up by Rob on Twitter after a post about the MyAcornElectron page on Facebook.


Rob has set a precedent here, I think!


Does anyone else have any Elk Gathering pictures they would like included here?


an Electron meeting!


A faithful friend!

Here's an Electron that Mike Keeling has had since 1986! Serial 02-ALA01-00-43185.


I am exceptionally jealous of the fact that he had the Master RAM Board fitted in '86.... It took me three around three decades to finally get the MRB into my own Elk!


This is a picture that Mike posted up on the AET Facebook page and kindly agreed that I could post up on here.

SP_elk1 SP_elk3 SP_elk2 SP_elk4

07-ALA01-0046233 belonging to Stephen Preston, sporting some very modern additions too!

May I present to you 46233, belonging to Stephen Preston. Stephen sent me these piccies on the AET Facebook page and I am very happy to add them to the collection here!


As you can see, these Elk is seriously souped-up and features a Turbo board, AP6, AP5 (new design, RH), external sound, MMC, Mega Games Cart (Retro Hardware) and CFIDE Hard Drive!

May I present to you some of the Elk collection of Acorn Electron Forever's Anthony Ogden! This is one seriously Elk-addicted fellow and when he posted up his new Acorn monitor on Facebook I knew that I had to have some photos for this page!


Check out the Facebook Page and Group for Acorn Electron Forever, and also the awesome Electron-related merch that is on offer.

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