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Pendragon Competition!




The wonderful 'Adventures' column in Electron User ran from 1986 to 1990, taking over from 'Merlin's Cave'.


Pendragon, aka Nic Outterside, has kindly donated this fantastic artwork from 1986 and myAcornElectron is very pleased to be able to give it away to four lucky winners! Additionally, Nic has also donated four of his original Adventure Mapping Grids, readers of the magazine will remember these as a familiar feature of the article.


Pendragon has signed and dated the artwork, drawn by Ben Hughes in September '86 and also the mapping grids designed by Geoff Livesey in '87.

PendgnA1 PendgnA2 PendgnG1 PendgnG2

Original EU artwork

for the Pendragon column

signed by Pendragon himself!

Adventure Mapping Grid

also signed by Pendragon

On Saturday 31st October, 2015, eight lucky winners were drawn who answered the simple question below. The first four names drawn each received one of the four signed copies of the original artwork; the next four drawn each received a signed copy of the Adventure Mapping Grid.

Classic Adventure for the Acorn Electron



In the brilliant Electron game 'Classic Adventure' (based on the Crowther and Woods original Adventure from 1978), travelling S, S, S, D, W, W from the start position brings you to a room filled with rubbish from the surface. On the wall is a note with a magic word upon it, what is that magic word?


Simply fill in the form below with your name (as you would like it displayed on this site should you be a winner), your email address (this will not be displayed but is needed so your postal address can be requested if you win) and your answer to the question above.


Should you be lucky enough to be one of the randomly selected winners, your name will be put up on the website after the closing date and you will be contacted for your postal address for the prize to be sent to you.




Similar versions of Adventure, including Colossal Cave Adventure, have a subtly different version of the magic word; make sure you give the word from Classic Adventure on the Acorn Electron ;-)


winners m7winners

the winners announced!

So the correct answer to the question (see below) was 'XYZY'


ENTER the building, GET KEYS and GET LAMP then head S, S, S, UNLOCK GRATE, go D, then LIGHT ON, head W, W and you will see the letters on the wall 'XYZY'

The prizes are landing! Thanks again to everyone who took part and to Pendragon for donating the artwork....