the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


Plus 1 interface


This is usually the first addon that Electron owners opt for, though there are alternatives available such as the Slogger ROMbox+ or the Plus 2. This interface is the one produced by Acorn themselves; later on PRES continued to produce their own version of the Plus 1.


I have swapped my original Plus 1 ROM for a Slogger Expansion ROM v2.02 to allow for extra commands such as *JOYSTICK and *ROMS.

Offered by Slogger as an alternative to the popular Plus 1 expansion, this board plugs directly into the back of the Electron and has a through connector to allow for further expansion bus devices such as the Plus 1 to also be connected.


My Plus 2 came as a bare PCB which I purchased on the StarDot forum; I populated it with advice from the very knowledgeable members there!


The Plus 2 allows for RS423 connectivity (with an extra circuit), and provides a User Port, three ROM sockets and two Cartridge slots.


There was a case released called the RX which contained everything, PC style.


Slogger Plus 2

Slogger Plus 2

Slogger Plus 2