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PRES AP5 (redesign)

One add-on that I was desperate to get my hands on back in the day was the Advanced Plus 5 by P.R.E.S. Of all the expansions created for the Elk back then, this one really opened a lot of 'Beeb' doors.


Dave Hitchins (formerly of PRES) has redesigned the AP5 and released it via Retro Hardware on the StarDot forum in kit form, built pcb with the option of metal case.


In the words of the Retro Hardware AP5 manual:


"The AP5 is an interface card for the Acorn Electron that is fitted with either a Plus 1 or a Slogger ROMBox 2 fitted. It provides the following features:


  • BBC compatible Tube interface

  • BBC compatible 1MHz interface

  • 2 x User Ports with one of them BBC compatible

  • 3 x configurable IC sockets"


The board has support for (E)UPURS so that a 9-pin D-type connector can be used to connect to serial links for communication with other puters. I use the FTDI serial to usb that I use with my EUP board and the UPURS rom from that board. As far I can tell, all that works fine and it's nice to see the awesomeness that is UPURS supported here.