the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


the Tandy Realistic SCT-12


This cassette recorder replaced my original Radio Shack TRS-80 after many years of service... yep, I still use tapes with my Elk ;)


I have now upgraded again to the Acorn ALF03 data recorder!

Star LC-100 Printer

Microvitec CUB Monitor


I didn't have a printer connected to my Elk BITD, this lovely dot-matrix I got from eBay a while back for only 99p! I use the Electron to do letters using my View cartridge, but mostly I just like to print out doodles I've done on the Art package ;-)


I like this printer a lot as there is a ready supply of ink ribbons still cheaply available.


BITD we had the Elk hooked up to our telly at first, then later (late 80's) on I had it all to myself in my bedroom with it's own portable TV!


More recently, I acquired this lovely Microvitec CUB Monitor from Dave Hitchins (formerly of P.R.E.S., aka Dave H on StarDot) when the wife and I went up to Wakefield show, 2013.


Always wanted one of these monitors as they were the ones we had at school linked up to the BBC B's... how can such an aged monitor have such a crystal clear picture still!!!!!?


update: the CUB went bang yesterday :'( back to using an old CRT telly but hey ho, the picture is still good!


further update: I have now found the time to take the CUB apart and have a look; one of the little 1A glass fuses had blown! Replaced that and we are up and running again! I need replace the capacitors when I get a chance though; like in so many old items of electrical equipment these are prone to fail over time.


WARNING: risk of electric shock! don't open your CUB up whilst it is plugged in and ideally give it 24 hours unplugged to discharge fully before you do ;-)

inside_Cub IMG_20170902_133234