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Software from BITD


All the software that I had back in the day was cassette based and it was all of the gaming variety! A lot of the 8-bit computers from that era had flashing colours on the screen and the crazy whining loading sounds, the Elk showed the progress through a hexadecimal count on the screen, often accompanyed by graphical loading screens and, if you were unlucky, the Data? Rewind Tape? error messages!


Favourites of mine are Cybertron Mission, Starship Command, Felix in the Factory, Elite, Mystery of the Java Star, Firetrack, Bumble Bee, Snapper, Cops N Robbers, Rohak the Swordsman, Jungle Journey (a new game), Qwak, Magic Mushrooms, JSW2 and I recently got hold of Exile; didn't get this one BITD! There are so many more I love, but that's a good start ;-)

Other formats

Other software


Other formats include the Cartridge form with the ROM inside carrying the software; these are plugged into the Plus 1, the Slogger Plus 2 or ROMbox+ and similar.


Also available were floppy disks in all shapes and sizes, the most popular being 5.25" and later 3.5". To use these on an Electron you had a choice of DFS or ADFS filing system and a lot companies made interfaces; Acorn Computer's own Plus 3 being very popular initially.


I do use the Acornsoft View cartridge if I ever need to write a letter but most the time I use Martin B's *EELOAD utility to write a ROM image of it from disk to a spare SWRAM I keep plugged into the AP34. I keep a lot of my most used ROMs imaged on a disk and write them into SWRAM for that session; it's easier than swapping cartridges around.


Apart from that, most of the software I use is on 3.5" disk, loaded through either PRES ADFS or DFS on either my 40T 5.25" drive or twin 3.5" drives. The 3.5" drives are actually PC internal floppy drives, which work very well for this purpose!


Being a close relation of the BBC B, the Elk naturally also had a lot of educational titles available. There are also Art packages, such as AMX Art, Word Processors like Acornsoft's View, DTP and all sorts of home-brew software for specialist applications, as you might expect from a Hobbyist's computer.


The pages of magazines like Electron User were always full of all sorts of listings that could be typed in, usually followed by a lot of error correction from typing in mistakes!

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Contemporary Acorn Electron software

There is plenty of software still being written for the Elk today! A good website to keep an eye on is Retro Software.

Why not share some thoughts about your favourite Electron games over in the Comments feed!

Acornsoft Cartridge software

What I'm playing at the moment!


Plan B by Bug-Byte

Acorn Electron art Skyrim

doodling on AMX Art with the 3-button mouse

2014-09-07 10.24.25

'online' on my Elk with PACE Commstar


Making an ad for the site in emulated Mode 7

Firetrack by Superior Software

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Snapper by Acornsoft.

I love this one with the analogue joystick!


"For the Electron; Fourth Protocol, Project Theseus, Savage Island, Strange Odyssey, Quest for the Holy Grail, Lost Crystal, Citadel and Myorem (by the amazing Robico) delighted me...."



Doom1 Doom2

Doom screens digitised onto the Electron...

I suppose some games will never make it onto the Electron, but parts of them can!