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The Curious Case of the Missing Victorian

In 2013 I wrote a game on my Elk using The Quill. The game is a text-adventure of the type so popular on 8-bit computers back in the eighties. There are lots of these sort of games available for the Electron, but I always felt there was a gap in Victorian-era games available. This lead me to have a go with The Quill, which is a brilliant piece of software, and write The Curious Case of the Missing Victorian!


So, here it is. The game is available as a freeware download (ssd disk image, compatible with emulators or an actual Electron if transferred over) from the Retro Software label. There are plans in motion for the game to also be released on cassette. I Will write a (longer) sequel one day....


Here's a couple of screenshots:

384px-Title_TCCOTMV 384px-Loc1_tccotmv

Here's a review by @RealAdamMcKay (via Twitter)


"This creation proved to be professionally made and was a welcome introduction for me to the Acorn Electron. Despite its short length, you can tell The Curious Case of the Missing Victorian was painstakingly made, with wonderful attention to detail that set the atmosphere for the game. The story was well-crafted and the text was flawless.

Every so often there were a few aspects that I noted could have been improved, such as a section of the map marked simply as "Trees". Aside from that, the commands could have been tweaked slightly. There are several times where a specific command might be needed, but nothing happens unless you guess the exact phrase needed.  Such as "show", when "give" might also have been applicable.

These aspects don't create a major problem, though, and in a way they keep the game from becoming too easy to complete. If you're looking for an absorbing game to take up your afternoon, this would be a great place to start!



one of the TCCOTMV introductory screens

The opening screen of the game itself

The game is quite short, but there are a few nice puzzles! If you do get stuck though, there is a solution over at CASA. TCCOTMV was given a mention in Retro Asylum podcast #60.

If you have the time to try the game out, I would love to receive some more mini-reviews to post up here! Please get in touch...


a screen created in AMX as a potential advert for TCCOTMV

This is how much I enjoy just doodling on AMX Art for the Electron; this is an advert that I knocked up for the cassette release of TCCOTMV.


Thing is, what would I do with this now! Back in the '80s I would have printed a tonne of these out and put them up all over the place.... I'm not sure a lot of people reading this in the street now would even know (or remember) what an Electron was, would they?


(Let alone realise that games were still being written for them!)