the life & times of 06-ALA01-0006180

acorn electron game tape ZAOR


the British IBM - QUIZ NIGHT

Here's another game inspired by my favourite band..... test your knowledge of the British IBM with QUIZ NIGHT!


Enjoy this game from @forgotten_grove Presents....l



..... clue....... check out the interview with frontman Aidy on this very site if you're getting stuck ;-)

.....clue2...... sometimes, randomly, there's a glitch when answering Question 1 Round 2 where you have to press <DELETE> to check there's no extra spaces before you type your answer or else you get no points for a correct answer!



to enjoy all the flabbergasting effects of this game, run it on a real Electron (or Beeb?) but it should run in emulator too, just without a certain effect)


Download the game as an .ssd (rev2)


As always, the game is available on an actual 3.5" DFS floppy disc. If you woulld like one (free of charge), just drop me a line.



Selection_020 capture1 capture2