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the British IBM

"Offering a nimble mesh of indie rock and vintage computing, Cambridge-based trio the British IBM officially launched in 2012..."

website of the British IBM



Whilst not directly linked to the Acorn Electron per se, 'the British IBM' are a group that have strong ties with todays retro-computing scene so I wanted to give them a mention here. This is a bit of a fan-page really; it isn't official in any way! Saw them play live, here's a bit about it.


Have a look at their website and give them a listen ;-)   Also, there's the interview with Aidy on this very site!



a screen on the Elk under Mode 7 emulation

The British IBM

the British IBM - the British IBM


Like many folks, I first got hooked on the music by their self-titled song from the album of the same name, which I bought a while back as a digital download.


The video for the song is heavily influenced by the 80's computer era and tips the hat to the recent BBC televison programme, Micro Men.

the British IBM - Electronified fan art on the Acorn Electron

As you can see, my Electron loves the British IBM too ;-)

Electronified Fan-art!

Here's another song from the same album...

the British IBM

close-up of the Mode 4 screen

messing about with the Mode 7 Emulator ROM on the Elk

the British IBM

I now have the new album  - 'Psychopaths Dream in Black and White', which I ordered online!


seen here with a few Atari 2600 carts I got at the same time lol

PDIB&W Psychopaths Dream in Black and White

'Psychopaths Dream in Black and White'

In late summer 2015, the British IBM released their second album, which I ordered online direct from their website. As expected, there were a variety of format options; this time I went for a physical CD. This arrived quickly and I was very impressed with the quality of the gatefold and the songs were a masterpiece as with the first album. You can hear a progression in the tunes and the overall feel of the album is certainly a darker one, though this is not a criticism. I was very happy and can see the band continuing from strength the strength!

'We Were the Stars'


(Official video of the second single released from the album Psychopaths Dream In Black and White)


by the British IBM

Have a listen to the new album here:

The digitised cover of the first album is available on the Electron as part of my digitised pictures collection, demo 1. Download the .ssd disc image from here.

The band have released their 2015 Christmas single, it's a cover of MJ Hibbett's legendary song Hey Hey 16k. Have a look at their site for more info and also the grab a free download!


If you are a fan of the band, check out a couple of BIBM-inspired games I've written for the ELK:


Space Grab and QUIZ NIGHT



You can visit the Patreon page here!


Where is Matthew Smith?


Very excited to announce that 06-ALA01-0006180 has been used on the cover of the new single from the band!


You can find out more details from the BIBM website....