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acorn electron game tape ZAOR




(the British IBM on Trubell Island)

Acorn Electron users have another new game to play!


In the third game in my British IBM fan-game series, you find yourself on Trubell Island to see the band play as part of their world tour!


Typically, the island been over run by zombies during the night, but when you awake you know you must still find your way to that gig!


Featuring some nice puzzles and quirky locations, this little text adventure is offered as freeware on DFS (or ADFS, upon request) 3.5" floppy disc. As it is written on an Acorn Electron using the Quill, it should work fine on other compatible computers such as the Beeb and the Master too.


DISC - To get your free copy on disc, simply contact me (Stuart) with your address details. All that is asked is that you cover the cost of the postage.


(If you don't have a floppy drive for your puter, an .ssd image can be downloaded.


CASSETTE TAPE - To compliment the physical cassette release, there is also the free audio (FLAC format) file to load into your Elk or a UEF tape image for emulators/UPCFS.

ZOAR Intro Screen

Acorn Electron Acorn Electron new game Acorn Electron copying discs ZAOR new Acorn Electron game disc_label_zaor

There's some cheeky references in the game to some of my inspirations for it... Fear the Walking Dead, Grimm, and of course some references to band itself!


All the usual text adventure commands apply, most abbreviated to the first four letters (eg ENTEr LIFT), as well as movement also using the usual U,D, N, E S W.


I duplicate the floppies on my twin drives on the Electron - please allow a day or two processing time ;-)


I've mentioned the band has a Patreon page in a few places; I hope this game helps to spread awareness of that as they really deserve all the help they can get as they fly the vintage computing banner in the world of indie-rock!


Thank you so much to the lads for letting me drag their name through another dodgy fan-game.... long live the Elk!


The cassette version is here!




£1.99 each + postage & packing (£1 UK, £3 global)!